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Bay Avenue Dental Centre Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Our dentists are working for your smile

About Our Clinic

We offer  our  patients  the absolute latest  and  the  best  in dental  technology. From a  simple  crown to  a  complete  smile  makeover  we  ensure  that  your  new  teeth  look  absolutely  natural  and  shining.

We follow  strict and stringent sterilization protocols.

We understand that  it  may  be  difficult  to  make  time  for  dentistry  in  a busy  schedule. Thus  we  have  developed  specialized  processes to  help  us  perform  maximum  work  in  minimum  time  within as few  appointments  as  possible.

What we have

1.Experienced team of doctors

Each of our dentist are experts in their fields with more than 25 years of experience each.  They have received  advanced training  in  their  respective  fields.

We have in-house  digital  panoramic  and  lateral  cephalometry  machine  which  ensures  flawless  accuracy  in  diagnosis  and  treatment  planning.