Aspects That Impact the Cost of Dental Implants

Dental implants produce a permanent structure that offers increased functionality comparable to or even superior to that of natural teeth. Still, it is not sought out because of the high costs, but implant costs can fluctuate. Before leaping to conclusions or making assumptions, it is important to comprehend the elements influencing modern dental implants cost.

There are variations between, for instance, the dental implant prices, depending upon the dental implant clinic in Dubai you visit. Even within the same neighbourhood and between cities and regions of the nation, prices vary. There are also disparities in the instances and conditions of patients’ oral health, as not all dental implant operations are the same. When estimating the cost, the following elements must be considered.
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The type of treatment

Dental problems generally vary from person to person; some require bone grafting or might be going under treatment for gum diseases. Due to these variations, the process of dental implant in Dubai is tailored to the needs of each instance. In the case of dental implants, two different paths can be followed:

Mono-stages treatment
The jawbone is surgically implanted with dental implants, and an abutment is extended through the gum to facilitate the implantation of the crown after the gums have healed.

Two-staged treatment
This is followed when there is insufficient bone to withstand dental implants. Implants are placed in the jawbone. For healing, they are covered by gum tissue. This allows the implant to fuse with the bone, resulting in a stronger support structure. To add the crown, a second surgery is required.
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Requirement of bone grafting

Long-term tooth loss results in a gradual reduction of bone density in the jaw. This bone is for tooth support. If the implant has been decided upon but there is an insufficient bone structure or density to support the implant, it is suggested to implant the bone surgically. Adding additional time, visits to the whole procedure of dental implant treatment in Dubai.

The material used for the implant

Dental implants are fabricated from a biocompatible material that can seamlessly integrate with the jawbone. Titanium, a high-strength metal, is the most popular implant material. Zirconium is utilized by certain dental implant clinics in Dubai as an option because zirconia implants have a better soft-tissue response, biocompatibility, and aesthetics than titanium implants. Additionally, its white tint mixes in well with natural teeth.

The Position of Your Teeth

Generally, front teeth are more costly to replace with implants than back teeth. This is due in part to the difficulty of matching the angle of the front jawline. However, the expenses may also vary based on your teeth’s alignment.


Although implant treatment may seem to be more expensive than other restoration treatments, nothing can match the durability and stability of dental implants. With proper maintenance, dental implants can last you a lifetime! If you are concerned about the cost of replacing missing teeth with implants, consult your dentist about payment plans.

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