Aspects to consider before getting dental implants

dental implants in Dubai

It is common for people to lose part of their teeth during their lives due to aging, injury, or decay. Dental implants at Bay Avenue are a popular option for replacing missing teeth since they seem, feel, and operate naturally. The insertion of dental implants requires surgery therefore before committing to this operation, it is always better to be an informed patient. The following criteria will assist you in understanding the fundamentals of a dental implant treatment plan.


Know the Expenses Before You Begin


Depending on the location and kind of implant, dental implants in Dubai can cost anywhere from $800 to $6,000 per tooth. You should always check with your dental insurance to see whether it will cover any of the costs before having the surgery done.

dental implants in Dubai

Check Your Doctor’s Experience and Qualifications


Obtaining positive results begins with a trustworthy physician. Ensure that your physician is licensed, accredited, and experienced. Investigate their reviews to discover what previous patients have said.


Bay Avenue is one of the most trusted dental implant clinics in Dubai. We have employed the top expertise in the field.


Know the pros and cons


Dental implants have many benefits.


•  Maintain an attractive facial appearance

•  Prevent gum and bone erosion

•  Long-term effectiveness

•  Feels relaxed and organic

•  The best solution for missing or fractured teeth


Every surgical procedure entails hazards. Dental implant surgery might result in:


•  Infection

•  Hypersensitivity to implants

•  Sinusitis

•  Swelling

•  Bruising

•  Bleeding

•  Nerve injury


Having a competent dentist and practicing proper oral hygiene help prevent some of these problems.


Maintain Good Oral Health


Oral health and hygiene are of the utmost importance before and after obtaining a dental implant. Proper brushing and flossing help prevent tartar accumulation, tooth decay, gum disease, and implant failure. You can protect your implants while preserving the maximum number of your natural teeth.

dental implants in Dubai

Stop smoking and drinking


Both smoking and drinking can impede healing. It can induce bleeding issues, and raise the chance of other problems. You must abstain from alcohol use during the week of operation and the initial healing period.


Smoking and chewing tobacco can raise the chance of dental implant failure. Additionally, smoking reduces oxygen levels in the blood, making it difficult for cells to recover themselves. Therefore, the practice can prolong recovery and result in implant failure. Bay Avenue advises quitting smoking at least three months before the surgery. For best results, quit smoking permanently.


Tell your oral surgeon your whole medical history


During the initial consultation for any surgical surgery, including dental implant placement, you have to present your oral surgeon with your complete medical history. The information must include all medications, including over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, etc. Taking specific drugs while recovering from surgery can cause difficulties.


Dental Implant treatment in Dubai


Bay Avenue provides the best dental implant treatment in Dubai. We provide our patients with the most advanced and superior dental technologies available. From a simple crown to an entire smile makeover, we ensure that your new teeth seem entirely natural and brilliant. Our Institute has almost four decades of combined experience, making us the most popular dental clinic in the entire United Arab Emirates.