Is it safe to whiten teeth using UV light?

The yellowish color of teeth makes several people unconfident while smiling. This should not be the case since every person deserves to have a healthy, confident, and beautiful smile. So to fix the issue associated with the desired shade of white and the actual shade, several kinds of treatment are available out there, one of which is whitening using UV light.

UV teeth whitening

Whether your teeth are stained or they are yellow, the UV light will help you combat it to obtain a stunning dazzle. Numerous individuals wonder if UV light is safe for whitening teeth, thus delaying their treatment. However, in order to ensure that yours is done timely, we are going to help you understand the extent to which this treatment is safe. Once you have read this article, you will be ready to make the decision to opt for services related to teeth whitening in Dubai. So, without delaying any further, let’s get started.


Understanding UV Teeth Whitening


Several individuals have the desire to maintain a white, beautiful smile. Nonetheless, unhealthy activities performed over the years can result in yellow teeth along with a myriad of other problems. Thus, to whiten the stained and yellow teeth, UV light is used. In fact, due to the rising adoption of this method by people, even at-home UV teeth whitening kits are available on the market. This means that you can now whiten your teeth from the comfort of your home as well.


The Working of UV Teeth Whitening


Kits of teeth whitening Dubai that consist of UV light products are sort of similar to the kind of kits utilized by dental professionals. If you choose to visit a dentist for whitening your teeth, they will apply a whitening agent, such as hydrogen peroxide, to your teeth. Subsequently, they will utilize a UV light in order to fix stained and yellow teeth. The combination of a whitening agent and UV light is the best for speeding up the entire procedure. In fact, a study shows that bleaching with the use of light can enhance the shade of teeth.


Regarding the kit for use at home, the formula followed is the same. An individual begins by applying a layer of teeth whitening gel. Then, they use a UV light for some time and this entire procedure must be repeated for a few weeks. Eventually, results can be seen after several days.


Is it Safe to Use UV Light?

Now that you have understood the procedure of teeth whitening through UV light, it is time to understand the extent to which it is safe to use UV light for combatting yellow and stained teeth. Well, according to the ADA (American Dental Association), light treatments that take place in the office are highly effective for teeth whitening. Nonetheless, the association has stated nothing regarding the UV kits that are used in homes. So, it is clear that getting treatment from a dentist is completely safe. Nonetheless, it is possible that you might experience tooth sensitivity and it is totally normal to do so.

Another piece of safety advice for opting for such a treatment is that it is best to not go for such treatments at home. In fact, the Prevention Guidelines for Infection Control and CDC have not stated any suggestions or regulations associated with at-home UV teeth whitening kits.

Last but not the least, there are high chances of you doing something wrong. An error associated with the use of UV light may result in severe results, such as damage and burns. Since the UV exposure, as well as gel, must be in a certain quantity, using it in excess can make your smile even worse and beat the whole purpose of going through the procedure.


Benefits of Using UV Light for Teeth Whitening


There are various kinds of treatment that a patient can undergo to whiten their teeth, some of which include:

• Halogen


• Ultraviolet Light (UV)

So you might be wondering that if all of these have proven to be effective, then why you should opt for ultraviolet light teeth whitening. Well, when you come to know some of the many benefits of using this light for the process, you will know why it is the best idea.

UV light is known to speed up the process of teeth whitening and thus, works well in combination with whitening agents applied to the teeth. Thus, the treatment will take lesser time as compared to the ones wherein UV light is not used.


The Bottom Line


If you are planning to obtain services related to teeth whitening in Dubai using UV light, you must pay special attention to the extent to which it is safe. Although there are at-home kits available on the market, it is best to avoid any burns or damage due to user error, and thus, approaching a dentist for the treatment would be the right thing to do. Moreover, you must also be aware that such rays are also capable of damaging eyes, lips, and gums. So, make your decision wisely. We understand that everybody deserves a confident smile but making the right decision is extremely crucial.


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