When a Root Canal Fails, What Will You Do

Root Canal Treatment in Dubai

Root canal therapy is used to remove the pulp and nerve from a tooth that has become diseased or decaying. A root canal treatment is considered the best option when an infected tooth shows symptoms like severe pain.


Root canal treatment in Dubai is among the most common endodontic procedures. Getting the treatment right means never having to worry about the tooth getting infected again. It’s not common, but a root canal procedure could still fail in extremely rare cases.

Causes of failed root canal

A root canal treatment can fail due to several reasons, be it a dentist’s carelessness, abnormal anatomy, or a twist of fate.

Obstruction: An obstruction, such as another tooth or foreign object, can make it harder for the dentist to fully clean the inflicted canal.

Root fractures: If the damaged tooth’s root develops a fracture or crack deep beneath the gum, it becomes extremely difficult to completely seal the canal. This subsequently raises the likelihood of infection, resulting in increased sensitivity, discomfort, and the need for retreatment.

Crown placement: Your dentist may have delayed fitting a dental crown after performing a root canal, allowing an infection to set in. The tooth could get infected again if the crown is damaged.

Symptoms of failed root canal treatment

Root canal treatment in Dubai is performed with the newest equipment and with great precaution, but we have established that root canals can fail for a variety of reasons, therefore it is important to be aware of what is normal regarding root canal treatment and to contact a dentist as soon as you suffer any of the following symptoms:

  • ● When biting, there is considerable sensitivity.
  • ● A boil or pimple on the gums.
  • ● Dental discoloration
  • ● Sensitivity in the gum tissue at the root canal site.
  • ● Pain in the recently treated tooth.
  • ● Pus-filled abscesses around the treated tooth.
  • ● Inflammation of the face or neck.
  • ● Inflammation of the gums surrounding the affected tooth.
Root Canal Treatment
Possible Solutions for Failed Root Canals

Despite the name, a failed root canal can be fixed. Several treatments are available for patients with a failing root canal, including dental implants, retreatment, apicoectomy (surgical on the top of the tooth), and extraction of the damaged tooth.

The highest success rate is associated with retreatment, the most prevalent treatment option for root canals that have failed. Your dentist will treat the infection before filling and sealing the tooth to safeguard its health.


Even if there is a slight chance of its failure, Root canal treatment in Dubai is the best option for damaged teeth. In addition to protecting face bone and preventing health problems such as jawbone degradation, they promote bone development and avoid bone loss. They are the only alternative for tooth replacement that preserves the jawbone structure, allowing you to maintain your original facial contours.

Root canal treatment is a temporary inconvenience with permanent benefits if performed correctly. Bay Avenue uses a state-of-the-art 3D CBCT scanner to evaluate your tooth’s structure and health, as well as to identify any secondary infections before starting the treatment, reducing the already low chances of a root canal failure.