Why choose root canal treatment over other options?

Tooth troubles are painful. It is one of those universal facts with which nobody can disagree. The intense discomfort in the mouth, the inability to chew, and the excruciating pain when touching the tooth with the tongue or food, especially when the source of the pain is a tooth that has died or an infection deep in the gums and roots of a tooth, which is why we seek treatment at the dentist. But with this decision comes the inevitable fear that the treatment would be just as painful as the problem.

At such time extractions seems like the best option but there are instances in which root canal treatment is preferable to extraction.


How does it work?


When undergoing a root canal or other endodontic therapy, the inflamed or infected pulp is removed, the inside of the tooth is cleansed and sanitized, and then gutta-percha is used to fill and seal the tooth. Following restoration with a crown or filling for protection, the tooth will continue to function normally.

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Benefits of root canal

It is always better to maintain your natural tooth for as long as possible. With proper dental hygiene, a tooth saved by root canal therapy should last a lifetime without requiring further treatment. With the original tooth, your jawline is maintained, your teeth are healthy, and you will require fewer dental visits, which is why root canal treatment in Dubai is quite favored over the alternatives. The advantages of this treatment do not end here.

• Minimally Invasive Surgery

Root canal therapy is practically painless and frequently results in less discomfort during recovery than the extraction of a natural tooth. Thanks to contemporary procedures and excellent anesthetic, individuals who undergo root canal treatment in Dubai are six times less likely to go through intense pain.

• Efficient and economical

Due to the need for follow-up appointments for a denture, bridge, or implant, tooth extraction can take longer than root canal therapy and be more expensive.

• Aesthetically Pleasing Outcome

When a natural tooth is extracted, it leaves a space in the mouth. If the gaps are near the front of the jaw, they can be unsightly, and it may cost more to replace them. A cap, a crown, or an inlay or onlay will cost less and look better on the remaining teeth. If you’re looking for the best root canal treatment in Dubai, go no further than Bay Avenue. Our trained specialists can treat even the most complex cases with precision and care.

root canal treatment in dubai

Your dentist will make a treatment recommendation after assessing the severity of your tooth decay or damage. It is therefore important to look for a trusted Dentist for your treatment. At Bay Avenue, we frequently observe serious dental issues. Patients with severe agony seek rapid help from us. With our cutting-edge dental microscopes, we can get a clear picture of your tooth’s inner workings allowing us to offer the best root canal treatment me Dubai.